One-way vs. Two-way

There are many one-way streets in downtown Montreal. One day my friend and I were driving on Sainte-Catherine street. We needed to turn right in order to get to our destination, yet we missed the turn. We had no choice but to keep driving.  Therefore, we ended up passing through so many one-way streets heading left without being able to turn right. At that moment I thought: “Oh God, this is so inconvenient. If only these streets were all two-way, then it would have been so much easier and quicker to get to our destination.”

Just when I was being impatient, several inspirations came to mind: “This is just what it’s like when our communication with God is a one-way street. It is that much more inconvenient and difficult to achieve the goal. When our mind and constitution are constructed that way, we can’t reach our desired location, even though we know which way to go. In addition, sometimes when we miss the turning point, we miss an important opportunity and then it will take a long time again before our next turn.”

Because of this incident, I started to reflect on myself. I found that many times I insisted on doing things my own way even if I was inspired to do otherwise. As a result, it turned out badly and I ended up regretting or needing to redo it. I figured that when facing God, if my mind is only as narrow as a one-way street, then there is hardly any conversation or communication with Him. On the other hand, if my brain carries many wide two-way streets, things will be smoother as I will be able to receive wisdom from the Almighty Being. Since I’m the owner of my brain, how I make it is up to me. According to whose design I follow, the course of my life and my way of living could be a world of difference. Now the question is: Do I take the right turn when the time comes? I surely pray that God will guide me towards the right decision and everything will turn out well.

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