Sermon Summaries

Wake the Predawn

Psalms 57:8
Awake, my soul!
Awake, harp and lyre!
I will awaken the dawn.

Prayer is a conversation with the Trinity and the Lord. If you don’t pray, you become distant from God, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Son Lord. As a result, your thoughts also become distant from Their Thoughts. Since the conversation with the Trinity is cut off, people will center on their own thoughts.

Through the dialogue of prayer and the inspiration from conversing with the Trinity,
– What is bound will be loosened one by one
– What is dirty will be cleaned up
– What needs to be fixed will be fixed
– What needs to be built up will be built up
– What needs to be resolved by conversing will be resolved
– What should be found will be found
– What should be done will be done and problems will get solved

God gives you everything that should be given to you when you pray. However, if you don’t pray, He only gives you basic things and does not give you anything further.

Prayer is like action and through prayer you take action.

It is by taking action through your prayer, thoughts, and body that you resolve what needs to be resolved, fix what you should fix, build up what you should build up, find what you should find, receive what you should receive, and make yourself clean.

Prayer plays an utterly important role that can determine the destiny of your life of faith. Therefore, you should offer the prayer of conversation in your life of faith regularly just like you would eat or sleep.

Prayer is conversation, and it is love.

Through prayer, your thoughts become united with the thoughts of God and the Lord. Consequently, you grow closer to the Them.

Through constant and sincere prayer, you will be able to:
–> Restore your love by giving your love entirely to God and the Lord
–> Make yourself clean by repenting of your sins
–> Get close to God and the Lord and always walk with Them

God bless you!