One-way vs. Two-way

There are many one-way streets in downtown Montreal. One day my friend and I were driving on Sainte-Catherine street. We needed to turn right in order to get to our destination, yet we missed the turn. We had no choice but to keep driving.  Therefore, we ended up passing through so many one-way streets heading left without being able to turn right. At that moment I thought: “Oh God, this is so inconvenient. If only these streets were all two-way, then it would have been so much easier and quicker to get to our destination.”

Just when I was being impatient, several inspirations came to mind: “This is just what it’s like when our communication with God is a one-way street. It is that much more inconvenient and difficult to achieve the goal. When our mind and constitution are constructed that way, we can’t reach our desired location, even though we know which way to go. In addition, sometimes when we miss the turning point, we miss an important opportunity and then it will take a long time again before our next turn.”

Because of this incident, I started to reflect on myself. I found that many times I insisted on doing things my own way even if I was inspired to do otherwise. As a result, it turned out badly and I ended up regretting or needing to redo it. I figured that when facing God, if my mind is only as narrow as a one-way street, then there is hardly any conversation or communication with Him. On the other hand, if my brain carries many wide two-way streets, things will be smoother as I will be able to receive wisdom from the Almighty Being. Since I’m the owner of my brain, how I make it is up to me. According to whose design I follow, the course of my life and my way of living could be a world of difference. Now the question is: Do I take the right turn when the time comes? I surely pray that God will guide me towards the right decision and everything will turn out well.

Life in the Making

“Human beings are works in progress that mistakenly think they’re finished.”
– Daniel Gilbert –

This quote on the internet caught my eye and I thought: “That is sort of true.” Sometimes I find with myself that I can be stubborn and refuse to learn new things out of my comfort zone. For things that I’m really good at, I can be arrogant and refuse to listen to others even, as if I know it all already.

At that moment, I was pretty curious about what God would think, so I asked: “God, what do you think about this quote?”

Then a voice responded: “It is not complete.”

After that voice, what I had learned in church emerged in my head:

God is the creator of the earth and human beings. He is perfect and his design of the human body is perfect. The body is the first creation and it is finished. However, other than the human body, God also equipped us with a spirit housed in the body. The human spirit is the second creation which is not finished and has to be made.

When I thought about this, the scripture of Matthew 5:48 also came to mind:

“Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect.” With that epiphany, I began another journey of thinking.

Ever since I was young, I was always fascinated about how intricate and mystical a human body is and how organs and tissues work so seamlessly to make our body function properly. The mechanisms that happen in our body are very complex yet robust. However, despite how perfect the design is, to me, the fact that human body still has an expiry date burdened my mind. There had to be something more than just living our life on earth and passing away. This question had been bothering me for so long until I learned about the spirit of a human being through the bible study series in church. I began to realize the characteristics of our spirit and the fundamental purpose of our human body. I was deeply enlightened to the truth that human beings need to develop our eternal spirit through our transient physical body. The concept might sound simple but the “angel” is in the details. I encourage you to learn more through our Bible Study Series.

Some people may ask: “What does it mean to ‘make’ the spirit?

How do you make your spirit through your body?” Well, what I learned is that you need to take action on God’s Word using your body. We can think of God’s Word as grains. Grains are raw materials existing on earth that human beings used for thousands of years. Human beings didn’t create them so they are like the first creation of food that God made. People then use them to make bread, cereal, pasta, taco as well other products, which can be described as the second creation. The products can be made after we take action. Just like this, God’s Word is the first creation which is the perfect truth and finished, but your actions are the second creation which is undetermined. Whether it is finished or not depends on how much you take action according to his Word. Imagine your life as a bottle of milk, if you simply sit past the expiry date, the milk ultimately goes bad and has no value at all. However, if you use the milk to make cream, butter, yogurt, ice cream, cake or something else, it creates more value.

It is written in the Bible: ‘Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.’ Since we cannot actually eat God’s Word, how do we live on it? It is through taking action on his Word. The more you make your life with the perfect truth, the more value your body creates for your spirit. If you are curious about how to make your spirit through your body or want to learn about God’s Word in a profound way, our Bible Study program is just what you need! The art of making your life bright and shining is waiting for you!

The direction of life


Have you ever wondered where your life might lead to in the end? What are you gonna do for the future? What is the most valuable way of living? Your thoughts are the steerer which direct your life. Before heading to any direction, it’s very important to check if the direction is correct. If the direction is wrong, then you will end up at the wrong destination and lose the game. So how important it is to have the right direction in the game of life? After all, you only live in this world once thus I assume that you wouldn’t want to get GAME OVER too quickly, right?

With more knowledge and experiences, we can discern better and better. However, only with true realizations of the fundamental purpose of our life, we can be certain about the path we walk on is the right path. If anyone who has all the knowledge of the universe, that’s the omniscient an omnipotent God. If we entrust our directions of life to the Almighty One, how beautiful and wondrous our life would turn out with his power and wisdom. Just as you need to rules first before you can win a race beautifully, you need to know the rules of valuable life before you can win big in your life. Otherwise, without clear directions, our life will be like chasing our own tails and running around like a headless chicken.

Do it in advance


On the 2nd day of each month, if you go to a metro station in the morning in Montreal, you often see a long queue in front of the ticket booth and vending machines. Many people are waiting to buy a monthly pass. It could take more than half an hour before one can get their ticket. However, if you do it one day before or earlier, you can avoid such long queue and save a lot of time. Everyone knows the monthly pass of this month will expire on the 2nd day of next month, but only those who do not forget to purchase the new pass in advance go through the gates at ease during the busy hours.

One day can make such huge difference. If we look at time more closely, even 1 minute and 1 second can make a huge difference. It defines whether you’re early or late for a rendezvous, whether you catch on the train or not, whether you win the gold medal or the silver medal in a race, whether your scientific experiments is successful or not, whether you see a shooting star or not, and whether you miss an important call or not…etc.

Therefore, planning ahead and doing things in advance do make a huge difference in a person’s life. If we make it our constitution and habit, imagine how many things would work better in our daily life. Even with a small change of thoughts and actions, we can make our life better every day. If you read the Bible, you can find out God is the one who always prepares beforehand. If you want to shine your life and become more divine, do things in advance might be a very good start!