The direction of life


Have you ever wondered where your life might lead to in the end? What are you gonna do for the future? What is the most valuable way of living? Your thoughts are the steerer which direct your life. Before heading to any direction, it’s very important to check if the direction is correct. If the direction is wrong, then you will end up at the wrong destination and lose the game. So how important it is to have the right direction in the game of life? After all, you only live in this world once thus I assume that you wouldn’t want to get GAME OVER too quickly, right?

With more knowledge and experiences, we can discern better and better. However, only with true realizations of the fundamental purpose of our life, we can be certain about the path we walk on is the right path. If anyone who has all the knowledge of the universe, that’s the omniscient an omnipotent God. If we entrust our directions of life to the Almighty One, how beautiful and wondrous our life would turn out with his power and wisdom. Just as you need to rules first before you can win a race beautifully, you need to know the rules of valuable life before you can win big in your life. Otherwise, without clear directions, our life will be like chasing our own tails and running around like a headless chicken.

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