Do it in advance


On the 2nd day of each month, if you go to a metro station in the morning in Montreal, you often see a long queue in front of the ticket booth and vending machines. Many people are waiting to buy a monthly pass. It could take more than half an hour before one can get their ticket. However, if you do it one day before or earlier, you can avoid such long queue and save a lot of time. Everyone knows the monthly pass of this month will expire on the 2nd day of next month, but only those who do not forget to purchase the new pass in advance go through the gates at ease during the busy hours.

One day can make such huge difference. If we look at time more closely, even 1 minute and 1 second can make a huge difference. It defines whether you’re early or late for a rendezvous, whether you catch on the train or not, whether you win the gold medal or the silver medal in a race, whether your scientific experiments is successful or not, whether you see a shooting star or not, and whether you miss an important call or not…etc.

Therefore, planning ahead and doing things in advance do make a huge difference in a person’s life. If we make it our constitution and habit, imagine how many things would work better in our daily life. Even with a small change of thoughts and actions, we can make our life better every day. If you read the Bible, you can find out God is the one who always prepares beforehand. If you want to shine your life and become more divine, do things in advance might be a very good start!

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